Waking Up as a Spiritual Being


Whether you are an abstract or concrete thinker, you will probably admit there are phenomena which exist outside of what you can normally perceive through your five senses. If we ponder the non-physical reality, emotions, wind, vibes at a party, intuition, and other energy dynamics, we have begun to walk between the two worlds: physical and non-physical realities. Ascension Pathways is a program created by Teresa, through the auspices of Foxhaven Wellness Centers, to address well-being and spiritual development. For many years now, organized religion has been having some serious growing pains, as congregations lose members for one reason or another.

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying that Americans from the USA are suffering from a spiritual poverty. In such an individualistic society, we don’t usually like someone telling us what to do, how to feel, where to go. Each of us, whether or not you believe in reincarnation, is living a Life which inspires us to make personal choices, regardless of what others choose. As individuals, we are exploring the outer edges of the infinite and eternal choices possible in this lifetime, now. We crave both solitude and community, lovers and family, logistical strategies and emotional intimacy. Waking up as a spiritual being, we begin to recognize that the boundaries which used to inhibit us, can now be used as a springboard for innovative options in our daily lives.

As the world turns, we endeavor alone or together, to make this world a better place, to consciously co-create Heaven on Earth and chart unknown territories of our hearts and souls. Since our world is rapidly changing with increasing technologies, we benefit from “re-humanizing” with low-tech or holistic modalities: walking in nature, swimming, connecting with close friends, meditating, building alliances with neighbors, doing yoga, using botanicals, living organic, forming groups to address our favorite causes, balancing our chakras, eating more fruits and veggies, breathing deeper, reading a book, dancing, resting more, and so on.  And as the annual holidays are here, we will do well, to opt for less buying and more human closeness. We will be refreshed, even if we must first pass through the gauntlet of tears and fears. Finding new and better ways to connect with loved ones is waking up as a spiritual being, because it clears the way for more love; and real love is the ultimate benefit of enlightenment.



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