About Teresa

For Teresa, Waking Up as a Spiritual Being came early in Life. One day, after the Foxworthy family moved from NYC to Baltimore, MD, Teresa had an angelic visitation:

On a stormy day in November, she was toddling around her new bedroom, when she looked toward the window & saw a very tall evergreen. It must be taller than this house, she thought, but how can that be? A tree taller than a house? Just then, a shaft of Light poured in through the window & she felt called to stand in that Light. Teresa toddled over & began tracing the length of that evergreen, going up and up until she knew for sure, indeed, that tree was taller than the house! Astonished, what next happened was even more amazing.

Her third eye was opened, her inner vision, and she was shown, as if flying over, all the mountains, the oceans, the deserts, rivers, prairies, at a plane’s altitude, all the natural topography of Earth. She was in awe, being so young. A masculine voice began, “Man did not make these; God made these”. Then, he emphatically advised, “Never bow down to Man, only bow down to God.” At that moment, what seemed like the ‘Music of the Spheres’ played and she felt divinely guided, protected, and loved. She felt blest. She felt so loved. Since that time, she has never had a breach of faith. Though she has encountered much adversity, she knows from personal experience that God’s Love is real. Divine Intelligence & Infinite Love are more real than the planet which stages this miraculous Game of Life.

What a gift to never have to doubt the existence of God. What a blessing to feel with every ounce of your being that you are so profoundly loved. Dancing thru the corridors of Eternity, Teresa remembers several past lives and agrees that we re-incarnate to gain more perspectives on our Earthly missions & Divine soul, exploring the Infinite throughout eternity. With flashes of memories from her lifetimes in Asia, Europe & North America, Teresa has walked between worlds, glimpsing beyond the veil which obscures our mortal knowing. These brief flashes strengthen her understanding that we are indeed on sacred journeys into our soul’s evolution & development.

Teresa grew up Catholic with very humble parents. Attended a university known for its Humanistic Studies department, she majored in Liberal & Expressive Arts. Theatre helps one communicate and become more self-aware. Liberal Arts teaches one to recognize the interconnectedness amongst the diverse disciplines of our modern societies, like, Law, Medicine, Philosophy, Commerce, Technology, Entertainment, etc. Both these disciplines can make one a rather savvy negotiator in and out of the classroom. Yet, throughout, Teresa recognized that her fondness for Theology sent her on a quest to cultivate self-mastery & self-realization. She found that by helping others, she is learning ever-more about the true nature of reality. As you engage with Teresa, you will discover greater clarity within your own being. This clarity will expedite your evolution and support your purpose in Life.

LIFE is like crossing a river; you need to find the “river rocks” which will support the weight of your crossing. There’s nothing that teaches more quickly about Life, than travel. Leveling up to your next echelon of competency requires some strategy and support. Studying Theology for decades, 30 years of studying & teaching Re-Evaluation Counseling, working with Jack Kornfield’s Spirit Rock Community, conducting Adult Education workshops for men and women, coaching Senior Executives at Fortune 100 companies, and having lived in many places, Teresa has the academic AND practical, plus the professional life experience which will carry you to your next “river rock”. NYC, San Francisco, Paris, Mid-Atlantic, Marin, Maui, Canada, Switzerland, (and counting), Teresa now makes her home in San Diego County, CA. Her interests include: music, fragrant garden design, dance, swimming, screenwriting, inventing new recipes, and of course, spending time with family & friends.

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