Spirituality & Spiritual Development is a rather subjective topic, sometimes quite controversial. But you will focus on spiritual growth at times of crises, for where else do you derive strength & courage? Our spirits rise or fall, depending on inspiration and our capacity to overcome debilitating blows to our souls. Whether or not you were raised in any particular organized religion, you may discover a longing for spiritual liberation from a range of oppressions or indoctrinations.

The concept of mystical ascension is inspiring for those who enjoy living at the top of the emotional scale. Dissolving the depression and anxiety which many suffer in modern societies, we arise into optimistic and jubilant perspectives pertaining to our earthly lives and their fundamental purpose.

“What’s your purpose? How deeply can you love yourself?

“Keep breathing, remember the Light.”

This verse came to me during a meditation. It was insight given from where, I don’t know, but reciting it as a mantra has periodically helped me re-align with a higher intelligence than my own.

Whatever your lifestyle, finding inspiration to move your life forward is essential, if you don’t want to stagnate. Yoga, meditation, self-care, massage, chakra balancing, feng shui, law of attraction, and educating ourselves about self-actualization and self-mastery can truly lead to a spiritual self-realization which is beyond the mundane explanations which many would use to deny their eternal nature.

Bliss is your birthright. Ascension is pure intention. Breathe into Divine Grace.

Your spiritual awakening is leading you forward. Your soul wants it.

Here in San Diego, Teresa can assist you, whether by phone, online or in person.

Discover your ecstatic potential and divine nature, to level up in this lifetime. Waking up as a spiritual being while still in the physical is arguably the goal in this game of Life.

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