Spirituality & Spiritual Development are rather subjective topics, sometimes quite controversial. But you will discover your spiritual self in times of crises, when you must muster up a great deal of strength, courage & moral character.

Whether you are deaing with confusion, grief, health concerns, PTSD, relationship or self-image issues, trauma, etc., YOUR challenge is relaxing enough to allow soulutions to arise into your conscious mind.

In order for Divine Inspiration to arrive, we need to relax enough, to stay connected to Infinite Intelligence. Cultivating a spiritual practice is a psychogical ‘anchor’ which helps us stay on an even keel.

Checking on the garden, feng shui-ing the house, chanting, balancing your chakras, or voluteering for the less fortunate, pampering your partner, studying some sacred text, or meditating, journaling, whatever, SOME little practice which you will love doing every day to remind you how precious you are. YouTube videos are a good choice for many.

Our spirits rise and fall, depending on inspiration and our capacity to overcome debilitating blows to our souls. Contemporary societies, as previous communities, demand much of its citizens. There are many mundane tasks, which become difficult when one is in the midst of a healing crisis or other urgent matter.

Whether or not you were raised in any particular organized religion, you may discover a longing for spiritual liberation from a range of oppressions or indoctrinations, as you bump up against them ‘in session’. And once you heal the stuff which thwarts your NOW, you will feel so empowered, you will help launch the next leap of evolutionary consciousness.

The concept of mystical “ascension” is inspiring for those who enjoy living at the top of the emotional scale (joy, happiness, enthusiasm, passion, eagerness, empowerment, freedom, and love). Dissolving depression and anxiety is possible, making way for  optimistic and jubilant perspectives. Our earthly lives have a fundamental purpose.



“What’s your purpose? How deeply can you love yourself?

“Keep breathing, remember the Light.”


This verse came to me during a meditation. It was insight given from where, I don’t know; but reciting it as a mantra has often helped me re-connect with an intelligence higher than my own.

Whatever your lifestyle, finding inspiration to move your life forward is essential. Yoga, meditation, self-care, massage, chakra balancing, feng shui, law of attraction, and holistic education for our self-actualization and self-mastery, can truly lead to a spiritual self-realization. Transcendence of the mundane happens when we surrender our defenses and return to the origins of our Souls’ innocence.

Fear-based doctrines, preaching hate or damnation must be seen for their misguided biases. Bliss is your birthright. ‘Ascension is pure intention’.

Breathe into Divine Grace. Your spiritual awakening is leading you forward. Your soul wants it. Here in San Diego, Teresa can assist you, whether by phone, online or in person. She offers coaching, counseling, workshops, speaking engagements, and one-on-one intensives.

Discover your full potential to channel divine light, every day along your path. Choose to level up this lifetime and explore what personal fulfillment means. You’ll find it is nothing without community. Without close relationships, we wither and die, literally and figuretively.

‘Waking up as a spiritual being’, while still in the physical, is arguably the goal for this Game of Life.

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