New Age Shop

On your journey of spiritual awakening, you can find many kinds of tools for transformation. Each person gravitates to their own type of power objects and lifestyle items.

Some like crystals, jewelry & gemstones as psychological anchors for specific goals & objectives. Some like “feng shui cures”, such as chimes to stir up stagnant “chi” (energy) at home or the office. Others prefer essential oils for physical & emotional wellness, or chakra oils for spiritual meditations, perhaps you prefer mobile apps…or you just need a rejuvenating retreat. Maybe, educational workshops are the best choice for your spiritual awakening. Journals, fountains, all natural skincare, vases, herbal tea, eco fragrance, etc.

There are many items at our New Age Shop or New Age Store which will help nurture and enhance your spiritual awakening. Review the options in our SHOP menu, and feel the truth of your Life. You can eat organic, reduce stress, create sacred space, visualize your next chapter with a cozy blanket you love, or wear that bracelet which reminds you of who you really are. Our little New Age Shop / New Age Store has a number of gifts for him and gifts for her. Explore the essential oils, mobile app for yoga, eco fragrance room spray (when incense is too smokey).




Choose from an array of exclusive or health enhancing gifts.