Teresa Ann Foxworthy has been a Holistic Healer since she was a teenager. Her THIRD EYE was opened at the young age of 3. Today she helps people around the globe with their personal evolution through her Holistic Healing programs. ASCENSION PATHWAYS presents ATTUNEMENT JOURNEYS, which includes a number of modalities which nourish you; body, mind, heart & soul.

TERESA began her studies in elementary school, fascinated by stories of Jesus healing people, discovering the wisdom of the yogis of India, reading about the power of the Tao and Chinese medicine. She continued with studies of Astrology, Therapeutic Massage, and Ecstatic Dance before even starting college. Attending one of the renown humanistic colleges in the USA, Sonoma University, just an hour north of San Francisco, California, with teachers like Red Thomas, Robert Greenway, Theresa Dickenson, and others, Teresa had a profound spiritual blossoming. Teresa has also completed a year-long Shamanism apprenticeship in Northern California.

Her time with Native Americans, hosting a meditation radio show, going to the Hot Springs, studying African shamanism, providing therapeutic massage at a holistic spa, and such, gave her more experience helping others and learning indigenous ways. Next, she went to live in France for a year where she worked at a community center in Montpellier.

Upon returning to the USA, Teresa settled into Marin County where she’s lived most of her adult life, offering healing sessions, wellness coaching, retreats, workshops, speaking engagements, while continuing her leading edge research into the phenomena of non-invasive holistic healing. She opted for conservative care after a work-related injury left her bedridden for many years.

Today she leads an active life, traveling between Europe, Mid-Atlantic USA, California & Hawaii.
These modalities she offers help you  rise above the fray & confusion, stemming from personal or professional upheaval. After her work-related injury forced her to learn healing from the inside out, she continued her path as healer and was better equipped to help people with their challenges.

“We all have challenges and from time to time, we all benefit from emotional support to find enough relief so we may again rationally assess our options for wellness & well-being. From a young age, I realized that Bliss was our birthright. I watched people having so much fun, being deeply loving, and knew that is the kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up: happy, healthy, wholesome, and prosperous.

“As I grew older, I realized that there was so much more to experience. With a rich & active inner life, I’ve been walking between the physical & non-physical worlds since childhood. At the age of 17, I began teaching Hatha yoga, having studied it since the age of 9. As a holistic healer, I offered my healing modalities and continued to learn more for both myself & others. These modalities are pathways to your Higher Self, your Higher Power, your well-being and spiritual evolution. By practicing energy medicine, you open doorways to deeper wisdom for the benefit of yourself and those with whom you co-create a Life to cherish.”

For over 20 years, Teresa has offered sessions to men and women who request holistic wellness coaching, consultations, and healing treatments. She’s currently accepting new clients at her different wellness centers: Foxhaven Wellness Centers are located in Towson, MD, (Baltimore area) Carlsbad, CA, (San Diego area) and Tiburon, CA (San Francisco area).

Teresa’s workshops are held in beautiful locations: Mid-Atlantic, Maui, California, Canada, New York, and abroad in Europe. Please call or email to schedule an appointment to discuss your objectives.


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