Attunement Journeys


How is your soul? You may have been asked before, “How’s your Love Life? How’s the family? How’s everything going?, etc.” But how many times has anyone asked you, “How is your soul?” Though we live in the mundane, 3-Dimensional world, we still have a heart & soul to care for. Our minds may be educated, our bodies may be toned, but our hearts & souls affect our quality of Life and personal fulfillment at least as much; yet, how often do we tend to our souls? What are the best modalities to nourish your soul? Community, spiritual fellowship, nature, counseling, music, art projects, readings or consultations? We do well to consider the best ways to  feed our souls the proper nutrients to inspire our personal development. This equips us to make better choices with our relationships, self-care practices, livelihood, finances…everything.

Toward this aim, Teresa has created special, therapeutic Soul Sessions, she calls, Attunement Journeys. Done in person on the Reiki Table, sitting in the consultation room, or on the phone, she combines a spectrum of modalities to accelerate your spiritual development. Perhaps you are recovering from some dogmatic teachings or at a crossroads in your Life.  These 90-minutes sessions will attune you to your Higher Self and Universal Intelligence, to receive the nourishment your soul needs on this earthly journey, called Life. The Heart may be the portal to your Soul, so consider how you are feeling, most often these days. On an emotional scale, where Depressed is “1” and Ecstatic is “10”, where are you? Monitoring your baseline emotions, where you seem to be most often, will help you orient yourself to then move your Life forward.


Attunement Journeys are about you tuning into your non-physical self; your heart & soul. Slow down enough to FEEL and re-align with your experience of your own divinity. Feel yourself as an emanation of the Infinite & Eternal Love which keeps the planets orbiting the Sun. Let Teresa help you with a combination of these modalities: Angel Therapy, Astrology, Aura Cleansing, Breathwork, Chakra Healing, Counseling, EFT, Guided Meditation, Law of Attraction, Massage, Mindfulness, Reiki, Shamanism, Sound Healing, & Yoga. Schedule an appointment for a 90-Minute Soul Session and regain your inner peace & connection to your spiritual well-being. You may opt for a phone session, in person at her office in San Diego, or online.

Call the number below for more information, or schedule your appointment online.

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