Teresa helps you REDUCE STRESS & RESTORE CALM as you explore personal evolution & spiritual development. Teresa can recommend modalities based on your preferences, but allows you to choose from a menu of techniques during any given appointment.


Angel Therapy – Relax into an angelic space & receive insights from your inner guidance.

Astrology – Teresa has over 20 years experience given Professional Life Readings and Compatibility Consultations.

Attunement Journeys – These 90-minute sessions combine several other modalities: Choose any of the following: Reiki, Angel Therapy, Aura Cleansing, Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation, Law of Attraction, Meridian Massage, Meditation, Personal Mythology, Polarity Massage, Shaman Therapy, and Sound Healing.

Aura Cleansing – Clear the cobwebs from your auric field for spiritual renewal.

Breathwork – Use breath to release old emotional patterns.

Chakra Healing/Balancing – Learn meditations to balance chakras for you to function at your highest potential.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping technique to clear conditioned patterns which no longer serve you.

Flow Yoga – Move your body for better mobility & circulation with these gentle stretches and body awareness techniques.

Guided Meditation – Relax on the Reiki Table while Teresa takes you on a customized meditation to visualize your total well-being: body, mind, heart & soul.

Intuitive Readings – Get clarity on your situation with Teresa’s keen perspective, using intuitive insights from Universal Intelligence.

Law of Attraction – Learn about this & other Universal Laws, to raise your vibration, increase your awareness, and create the Life you desire.

Mantras – Through counseling you, Teresa will help you identify the best chants & affirmations for you.

Meridian Massage – Relax on the Massage Table while Teresa focuses on your meridians to help improve your blood & chi circulation.

Meditation – Learn how to still the mind for better focus, learning about Mindfulness and other forms of this ancient practice.

Personal Mythology – Discover the archetypes of your soul for a richer life, to deepen your passion & purpose.

Polarity Massage – Another massage technique to help your chi circulate for optimal well-being

Reiki Energy Medicine – Delve into the sublime peace of Reiki Treatments, balancing chakras & clearing your auric field.

Shaman Therapy – Retrieve the missing parts of your soul & reclaim your personal power.

Sound Healing – Allow healing sound waves to comfort and relax you.

Spiritual Counseling/Guidance – Get the insights you need to unburden yourself for a more fulfilling spiritual journey.

Toning – Use your voice to develop confidence & clear stuck patterns.

Voice Coaching – Practice speaking or singing with greater confidence & clarity for general well-being.

Water Meditations – Depending on Teresa’s itinerary, thermal water meditations may be available in San Diego or Marin Counties, in California, as well as Maui or elsewhere.

Yoga – There are 8 main yogic paths; choose the one which is right for your spiritual development.


Let us ask you:

“What is your goal here?”

“What has helped you the most in the past?”

“What is your biggest challenge today?”


From there, Teresa will lead you on a healing, ATTUNEMENT JOURNEY to restore your “essential well-being”.


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DISCLAIMER: Remember, while holistic modalities have resulted in astonishing results, we advise you that they are not a substitute for medical diagnostics or treatments. They are however, very effective at helping people relax & assess their full range of wellness options, in conjunction with any medical treatment.