Ascension Pathways is consortium of modalities to help you with your personal evolution & spiritual development. Teresa allows you to choose from a menu of techniques during any given appointment.

Angel Therapy


EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Healer

Guided Meditation

Holistic Healing

Law of Attraction

Meditation – Seated, Standing, etc



Shaman Therapy

Sound Healing

Spiritual Guidance

Water Meditations


In each session, Teresa will ask you:

“What is your goal here?”

“What has helped you the most in the past?”

“What is your biggest challenge today?”


From there, Teresa will lead you on a healing journey to assist you.


NOTE: Remember, while holistic modalities have resulted in astonishing results, we advise you that they are not a substitute for medical diagnostics or treatments. They are however, very effective at helping people relax & assess their full range of wellness options.