Angel Reiki Chakra Balancing

In one session, learn to connect with your spirit guides, balance your chakras, and receive the healing energy of a Reiki treatment. Visit Teresa’s North County Studio in San Diego, or schedule a phone session to restore your sense of balance & harmony on your heaing journey. If you would like to have a greater sense of peace & tranquility in your Life, this is the holistic treatment for you.

With over 20 years experience, Teresa will guide you through the layers of your relaxation & well-being. Learn to navigate your inner landscape so you can enjoy greater health & happiness. These sessions are 2-3 hours long, to help you delve into higher realms of universal healing and learn to access this energy whenever you desire. Ultimately, we learn to heal ourselves by recognizing the essential components of total health.

Imagine yourself in a natural environment, addressing work-life balance, holistic well-being, combining hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, guided meditation, and angel reiki chakra balancing.

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