Well-Being in San Diego, CA, USA

If you want to heal or create more well-being on your spiritual awakening, you will enjoy the areas of feng shui, meditation, relationships, and the sacred feminine. Nourishing your heart will be balm for your soul. These ‘soulutions’ fortify you so you can return to your BUCKET LIST or DREAM LIFE. Teresa invites you to requent any of the following WELL-BEING Programs:


Creating Sacred Space (Sanctuary) with Feng Shui Wisdom

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being with Meditation Lessons

Relationship as Spiritual Practice – Coaching for Singles & Couples

Goddess Rising: Honoring the Sacred Feminine



Once you’re nurtured your Inner Being enough, you will desire more personal growth & self-improvement. This is hatural and as it should be. For these periods in your life, you’ll benefit from a custom wellness program, tailored to your individual needs. Plus, astrological readings & insights, leadership development training, and the study of yoga, which includes the 8 main types of yoga: Karma (Service), Raja (Embodiment), Jnana (Theological Study), Bhakti (Devotion) and Tantra Yoga (Relationship as Spiritual Practice).

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