Aren’t your thoughts like clouds passing through the sky? Sometimes stormy, sometimes fluffy and sweet? As you endeavor to cultivate a meditation practice, you will find life’s ups and downs show up, like anywhere. So why do you need a meditation teacher? As a meditation teacher for many years, I help students navigate their inner landscape. Sometimes that means emotional release work, sometimes we do breathing, sitting, standing, or moving exercises.

Consider your spiritual growth goals, meditation goals, relationship goals, wellness goals…meditation can assist with all of the above and more. Why? Because meditation helps you relax long enough to know what you’re next step is. Then you are back feeling on track with your life. Fitting in even 5 minutes, once or twice a day has shown significant progress for many, many people.

Whether we go to the beach or sit in the meditation studio, whether you lay down for some Reiki or sit for some emotional release, these “attunement journeys” give you the experiences you need to progress further on your own.  So take some time to reflect, contemplate, be still, go for a walk, dance, sing, make a list, or take nap…whatever will help you feel better, in preparation for your next step forward. It’s all about feeling forward, to have the experiences you wish to embody in this life.


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