Magenta Pixie & the Ascension Process

“Process of Ascension”

Here’s one path to Ascension. Magenta offers a process, three steps to Ascension. It’s about 90 minutes, so prepare yourself for a nice story-telling adventure into the higher frequencies of the Cosmos.

For many people, we are living through a very chaotic time. However, this chaos can actually help incubate our Ascension process. Many souls have incarnated at this time to assist in the formation of “Earth 2.0”. Earth 2.0 is the leveling up of the collective consciousness to usher in a world where love & light predominate.

As we review our goals & values for this lifetime, we may awaken the parts of our minds & souls which are ready for expanding our consciousness & collaborating for the betterment of humanity. We are in service to humanity as well as the whole of the Universe.

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