There’s Only Love & Fear

Attuning to higher consciousness becomes difficult when we allow ourselves to descend into fear. Conversely, we become lighter, less dense, when we allow positive, uplifting inspiration into our consciousness. What is consciousness? Awareness. What you think may or may not be consciously chosen, but your current awareness is a direct result of your choices. You can cultivate habits of wisdom & inspiring influences.

We, the people of planet Earth, are undergoing a massive awakening, as we witness conflicting narratives of global proportions. Tremendous censorship is taking place. The truth is slowly being revealed. Authoritative agencies have begun to walk back some of their dire stories. Finding inspiration & truth requires more diligence than you may be used to. Our first task, is inhabiting our hearts & opening to the resonance of the divine love of the universe.

In the following video, Author & Researcher, David Icke, explains in great detail your journey of Ascension, into the higher realms of consciousness. But you must keep an open heart & an open mind to unravel the riddles, and demystify the apparent confusion. In redundant times of doom & gloom, his research is especially soothing & opens a path to joy! Dare to be happy, once you have connected the dots of current events. There’s only love & fear.

Listening to this will help you clear your space of negativity & reconnect you with the power that creates worlds…the Love that created YOU! Tune into the higher consciousness which lives through you, as YOU! Navigate forward on your journey of Ascension & wake up to the infinite possibilities. Life becomes more a fascinating journey of awakening once we take back control of our hearts & minds. The choice is yours. Choose Love.

David Icke, “We Must Love Harder”!

My journey of awakening began before I entered nursery school. I was so tuned into spirit. But that hasn’t kept me from many ups & downs in Life. There will be milestones on our journey. The key is learning how to navigate or surf the waves of emotion, for it is only emotion that interferes with our ascension. So, unraveling the conflicting conclusions we are making is essential to this evolution of consciousness. It’s a skill which requires practice like anything else.

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I have always known there is God, the Divine Creator of Heaven & Earth, but walking between worlds was often confusing, because of encounters with others who were not aligned with the Divine. For many years, this was very confusing. Yet, this was my journey into awakening; seeing through the illusions & distractions. Now you may have similar challenges. What is truth in a world where you are forbidden to freely ask questions? How do you ascertain what is true for you?

Intuitive Development is a powerful tool to have on your journey of Ascension. Society often pulls us toward intellectual banter or base emotions. But where is Love? Love in in your Heart. Your heart is your primary navigational tool, your spiritual GPS. Acquaint yourself with this frequency detector. Attune your vibration to higher realms of consciousness & the darkness will greatly dissipate. Elevate, level up, awaken; choose Love.

We are living through a momentous chapter in human history. There are many challenges for many people now. Our capacity for empathy & compassion is a rite of passage into expanding consciousness. There are many perspectives on the same exact events. This is as it is meant to be. Everyone has their own path to awakening. Practice loving those who disagree with you. Feel your energy lighten and your consciousness expand. Choose Love.

In the coming months & years, we are going to need each other more & more. This is the process of developing both compassion & humility. We enter this life with most of the universal knowledge wiped from our memory. Each lifetime is a process of learning or remembering. When you find yourself needing someone or something, feel the beauty of our interconnectedness, as you learn to become interdependent, rather than co-dependent or uber-independent.

As we join together, we can indeed bring Heaven to Earth. We are not meant to agree on everything, but we are meant to raise our consciousness to have compassion for everyone. We are not meant to struggle on our own, but we must choose a higher love in our hearts as we endeavor. Your precious heart is always ready to be healed enough to do so, once your mind opens enough to begin the healing process. As you heal, you rise up. Choose Love.

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Life is meant to be a joyous adventure of discovery. But we will inevitably disagree with objectives & solutions. Conscious co-creation is the height of human achievement, so instead of conflicts, we must form collaborations, instead of projections, we must cultivate understanding, rather than chaos, let’s focus on innovation, instead of fear, let’s focus on freedom to question ideas or assertions, and work toward solutions which work for the greatest good.

Ultimately we are responsible for our individual lives, for our health, our freedom, our happiness. But most of us live amongst the many. This community of humanity, this global village, is an exciting opportunity to express at our highest potential. Choose your words more carefully, consider the thoughts you entertain, notice your ability to dissolve fear and return to Love, again and again, until it becomes your natural inclination. Dissolve fear by tuning into Love.

Start with simple, easily attained goals in your ascension process. Fall asleep to positive programing, take more walks in nature, eat more salads, focus on what you can do, appreciate the blessings you do have, work on forgiving someone you love, enjoy more sunrises and sunsets, laugh more, call up an old friend, write out your bucket list, explore your 5 senses more through out your day, notice the little things that make you happy.

Warm your heart and you will begin to notice synchronicities in your Life. These are signs of your ascending consciousness. Navigate forward in your Life toward your favorite people, places & things. Reflect on “right livelihood”, community service, living your purpose, and life-long learning. Remember your ancestors & what they had to overcome to pave the way for your happiness. Each epoch, each person has their purpose. Choose Love.

These last couple years have tested our patience, intelligence, freedoms, ingenuity, and love. Notice the changes which have ultimately been positive for you. Grieve those which have not, and continue on your journey of ascension. You were born for this chapter in the story of humanity. Follow your passions and you will find the solutions to perceived problems. This is the magic of Love: The more you heal & open your Heart, the more you will ascend. Choose Love.

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