Walking Between Worlds

Walking Between Worlds ~ Spiritual Growth for the 21st Century

Walking between worlds is a skill which we may cultivate for our success navigating the landscapes of our daily lives. There are many tools which can assist us in this ability. Let’s review the tools we have at our disposal to effectively discern the best choices for our lives at this time.

Dreamwork & Medicine Dreams

When we awake in the morning, we do well to at least reflect on any dream we may have had & its significance for the decisions we are facing. Some dreams are truly insignificant, but some are what have been called, “medicine dreams”, or dreams with special significance. A medicine dream will help guide our choices as we connect the dots between the mundane & spiritual planes of existence. Medicine dreams offer great wisdom as we endeavor to recognize the best course forward.

Energy Medicine, Chakras, & Shamanism

Science has finally caught up with Eastern philosophy. Everything is energy. Now what? Well, we often benefit from first slowing down our hectic pace & breathe into the moment. From there, we can sense the right words or actions. Science as even discovered that people actually can heal themselves with the power of the mind, as Dr. Joe Dispenza describes in the Becoming Supernatural. The first step is always slowing down & paying attention to the subtleties of the moment. This also applies to chakra healing & chakra balancing. I have a great guided meditation I conduct with clients to cleanse & rejuvenate their chakras, aura, and connection to Source. Once we connect to Source, we have dissolved the fears which interfere with our progress.

Essential Well-Being, LOA, Dancing, Singing, Relaxation & Stress Management

Perhaps the best starting point for our spiritual healing & development is to address any need for stress management. Often we may not be cognizant of our the stresses in our lives which keeps irritating us unconsciously. This is often addressed in my Feng Shui Consultations. For example, there’s an art piece in your home and every time you pass by it, you cringe on the inside. Well, that is a message to your conscious mind to either relocate it or donate it. Another example is a dear friend who is going through challenges and keeps calling you as if you are their therapist. They are becoming a burden & do not realize it. Eventually you may explore on them for their lack of awareness, and yet, you have also been negligent in developing your boundaries.

Of course, we all need to relax more. Spending at least 30 minutes everyday letting down our guard, having fun or at least relaxing will help. Singing & dancing are such excellent ways to decompress & rejuvenate our spirit. Just as described by the Law of Attraction, the Universe responds to our thoughts & feelings, perhaps even more than our words & actions. They all register & can be measured in terms of vibrational frequency. So, the more we can slow down & become self-aware, re-connect with Source & cultivate our essential well-being, the better equipped we are to deal with Life’s challenges coming our way. Getting support as we learn new behaviors & techniques, replacing ineffective or even counter-productive choices makes this all the easier. Studies show weekly sessions make all the difference. Weekend workshops give a boost, but it’s the weekly sessions which most effectively produce behavioral change.

Spiritual Development, Meditation & Intuitive Development

Now, once we are feeling well enough, we are able to direct our attention to more refined degrees of spiritual development. Meditation becomes balm for the soul if we have the space & time to relax. But first, we must relax. Then we can continue with nourishing breathwork. As the yogis know, prana, that wonderful prana is food for the body & soul. This prana energizes our brain & all of our body. As we evolve spiritually, we become more readily attuned to the multi-dimensional nature of ourselves, the world, & the people around us. Intuitive development is especially helpful when we are facing choices for healthcare, life partners, business decisions, or even what to have for lunch. Spending time alone can be difficult for some, but it is a wonderful way to cultivate our intuition. Connecting the dots of our body, mind, heart & soul is a great step toward gracefully walking between worlds.

Prayer, Angels, & Spirit Guides

Do you pray? Prayer can be surprisingly effective for those who believe. But why is this? Science & religion or spirituality converge when we examine how the intention of a person can effect positive change on a situation. The Law of Attraction works in a similar fashion. Prayers of intercession go beyond the individual & call upon the Infinite Love & Mercy, the Intelligent Wisdom, the Power that creates worlds, to help us in our times of need. While I cannot profess to know what is real for you, I have numerous experiences in my Life when prayers worked. Similarly, connecting with angels & spirit guides; I can only relate from my own experience. My relationship with loved ones from the other side is also something which leaves me in awe of how loved we all are. So, if you are ready, pray for guidance, protection, solace, and assistance for your travails. When you are ready, you can begin walking between worlds, getting acquainted with a spirit guide. We often hear that when a loved one leaves their body, they become our angel. There is so much we cannot know while we are still in our bodies, but we can walk between worlds. We can explore both the sublime & the mundane, the spiritual & the material realms.


These are dark days for some and it may get worse before it gets better. We must begin our healing by taking care of ourselves so we may then we an asset to our community. Create a phone list of people you trust to be kind as you are navigating forward. Community resource centers may not yet exist where you are and this list could be the first step in having one. Otherwise, if you are ready for some weekly sessions, click here & complete a brief questionnaire so I may respond with more precise recommendation or proposal. We are one human family facing a global crisis of epic proportions, any way you look at it, but it is also a time of reflection & rebirth. We all have important choices to be made; let’s make them from a place of inner peace & well-being.