Spiritual Development

Spirituality is an intensely personal experience. Currently, there is a spiritual awakeningn which is activating souls in every country. In the 21st Century, we have more factors impacting our spiritual development than every before: our cosmology or ideas about the Universe, the religion or philosophy of life taught to us in our youth, the study of world religions, discovering new ways of thinking, influences of family, friends, media, and culture; the list goes on.

With so many factors inspiring or confusing us throughout our spiritual awakening, we are no doubt intrigued or even troubled by the diversity of spirituality around us. Yet the contrast of diverging beliefs can serve to enlighten us, as we gain broader perspectives of what is & what can be. My clients find it very helpful to reflect on cultural mythologies and then feel which ideas resonate most deeply.

This path of spiritual awakening consists of self-discovery, self-mastery, self-actualization & self-realization, as we compare & contrast the beliefs or experience of others with those of our own. As we venture from early insights, where we glimpse our vision of what is & what can be, we encounter traditions which then re-enforce or challenge our beliefs. Studying world religions was a wonderful milestone in my own spiritual development.

Each religion has an orthodox version as well as a more progressive approach. We often are barely aware of the distress which some doctrines inflict upon us during our early education. The field of holistic health arose in part from this; recognizing that we have a soul which needs to be factored into our ultimate well-being. Our early conditioning has repercussions on our health & wellness. Spiritual healings, counseling, coaching, consultations, and the like, serve to advance our understanding for a more fulfilling life.

Take time to weave your personal mythology and evolve your cosmology to serve who you are today and what you want tomorrow to be like for you & yours. Exploring your spiritual growth with Attunement Journeys help to re-connect you to Universal Intelligence so you may receive the soulutions you seek on your path today. Readings, counseling, and other sessions will help you “level up” in your self-mastery, as you improve your vision about who you really are. Weekly sessions have be proven to provide the best results for therapeutic purposes.

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