Medicine Dreams

MEDICINE DREAMS are dreams which feel like a message from you Higher S’elf. They serve us by helping us focus on what’s truly important for us at the time. Medicine Dreams can be very symboli, but also very mundane. That’s not what’s important. What’s important is that you recognize the message to guide your choices in the coming weeks and months. Most cultures recognize the soul needs to be tended to. As such, our dreams can provide us with valuable information which our waking consciousness cannot fathom, for one reason or another.

These Medicine Dreams feed our souls. Yesterday, I gave an astrology reading and somehow it ignited this Medicine Dream when I awoke today. Several pieces of the dream were clear symbols from over the years. From decades of studying dreams, I immediate understood the meaning of this dream. I often ask my Dream S’elf and/or Wisdom Keeper (Guidance Angel) to show me the way forward in my Life. There are so many directions we may take our lives at any one time.

Do you study your dreams? It really only takes 5 minutes, once you develop the ability to quickly decode the symbolic meanings. Connecting with your Soul is an important step in the Ascension process, of course. Your personal evolution in this lifetime is all about the lessons your soul is integrated into your conscious awareness. Your Higher S’elf already knows the eternal wisdom of Infinite Intelligence. Through symbols and emotional imprints, we glean much needed information.

If you believe, like I do, that “we came to live in Joy”, you must reconcile the challenges you face as part of this Game of Life. S/he who has the most fun, wins! But in the face of global crises or personal dramas, how can you build a Life which is truly your Vision of what Ecstatic Lifestyles are all about. Having fun is not just for babies, children, or even college students, although they make it look easy, for sure. Medicine Dreams give us signposts to point us in the best direction.

As a mature adult, your capacity for inspired living isn’t supposed to look like a frat party or even Disneyland. Living each day fully, evolving your finesse, to adress the tasks you hold dear (breathing more deeply into the moment), you may Savor the Moment of this day. Medicine Dreams are the road signs to let you know, you are on your way.

“Life has its ups & downs”, we’ve often reminded ourselves when the going gets rough. But, we can steer our little space-ship forward, toward greater peace & well-being. From this well-being, we can cultivate Higher Consciousness. From this Higher Consciousness, we can live with more grace & dignity. The very personal journey of spiritual ascension traditionally compelled the individual to find a teacher or guide to help point the way forward. With decades of experience with spiritual awakening, you will feel that you are in the advanced class.

Take the time to LEVEL UP & invest in your Personal Evolution.


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