Meditation Techniques

There are dozens of ways to meditate, if not more. How do you know which one is right for you? Teresa has been meditating since childhood and has studied most techniques. Let her help you navigate your meditation journey and discover your latent potential as an energy being.

Many meditation practices suggest that you get comfortable sitting, to keep the spine straight. There are others which say reclining is fine, whether or not your fall asleep! Innovators have also discovered the benefits of meditating while walking, running, dancing, playing sports, doing housework, or even making love.

When you find the meditation techniques which feels best for you, you will discover the optimal results of profound well-being and expanded awareness or universal understanding. This is why meditation is practiced by so many people in so many countries for so many thousands of years. In the West, we are still discovering the benefits of diverse meditation techniques.

Training the mind to be productive from a pragmatic or an esoteric point of view, we learn to cultivate positive self-talk or inner dialogue. When a study was made on homeless people, they discovered that the one thing which helped everyone who overcome their plight was positive self-talk. How you speak to yourself, in your inner thoughts, can mean the difference between success and dramatic failure.


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