Chakras Healing vs. Chakra Balancing

The study of chakras comes from India. A chakra is an energy center, correlating to a life principle, such as survival, reproduction, will power, love, communication, imagination, and spiritual attunement. Ascension Pathways offers you a variety of options in terms of learning about chakras, how to heal, clear & balance them, as well as how to use them for your practical objectives in life & personal evolution.

As you awaken more and more to your spiritual nature, and who you really are, and your true potential in this life, you will feel your chakras, and become attuned to when they are out-of-balance. You will learn how to breathe your life force up through your chakras for higher states of mind & greater clarity for decision making in your life.

There are many techniques and applications for chakra work. You can endeavor in this way for more harmonious romantic relationships, better health, and greater success in the material world. While you are learning about these energy centers and how to manage them, be patient and allow the necessary time to foster their optimum development.

Chakra healing takes more time than chakra balancing. Chakra balancing is something you can learn to do each morning. Chakra healing is a more intensive process, and requires more care & patience to clear out traumas and blocked energy flow. If you imagine that all of Life is energy, just as Einstein explained, then you can begin to imagine that there are energy centers in your energy body which guide your experience for those life principles.

Learn to live from your expanded nature, and enjoy your fully illuminated, rainbow body. Each layer of your aura, corresponds to each of your chakras. As you cleanse your chakras, your aura becomes lighter. As you become lighter, less dense, then you will find it easier to allow your health, well-being, success & joy.


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