Meditation and Well-Being

Today, there are few practices which offer more benefits for such little effort & money. Learning to meditate can help you for your whole life long. There are so many ways to mediate that there’s truly something for everyone. You can meditate in most any position, at any time, in any location, regardless of what’s going on in many cases.

So, how to begin?

1. Arrange time to be uninterrupted, at least an hour after eating.

2. Turn off all electronic devices if possible.

3. Find a position of comfort, wearing comfortable clothing.

4. Focus on breathing; sighing, yawning, or such, as you relax.

5. As your mind wanders, gentle & consistently, return to your breathing.

6. Discover the bliss of the eternal now as you learn to float in time.

7. You may prefer silence or enjoy certain music to assist your journey inward.

8. Allow insight to arise naturally while you continue to relax.

9. Trust your body & honor its wisdom as you continue to relax.

10. Repeat as often as you can and see how your practice develops by keeping a journal.